When the Internet came along the job of parenting, in some ways, became a little harder. The Internet is an immense resource of information and knowledge and we want our kids to be able to explore and expand their minds in a positive way. We want them to be able to communicate with their buddies via the ever-expanding social networking sites. We want them to see just how big and fascinating the world is, and with Covenant Eyes the Internet can help make that possible and safe.

Covenant EyesUnfortunately, the same wide open aspect of the Internet that makes possible the extraordinary availability of useful and mind-expanding information is also what more unscrupulous people exploit to make content available that you would not want your children to see. That content might include pornography or other material that you believe is not appropriate for your youngster. Your child could exposed to obscene pop-ups, gambling sites, illicit drug sites and more.

Parents want to be able to let their children experience the good side of the Internet without worrying about them bumping into the seedier side of it. Covenant Eyes can help you do just that.

Internet filters, sometimes known as parental control programs, can help you protect your children while online. There are several such software packages available, but one that has been well-received is the Covenant Eyes Filter from the same people that wrote the Covenant Eyes Accountability programs. In fact, the filter and accountability programs work together if needed.

Use Covenant Eyes on Multiple computers and multiple users

Covenant Eyes Filter software can be installed on up to five Windows computers in the same home. You can set up multiple usernames. That means you can customize the filter to provide exactly what you need for each member of the family – accountability, filtering, or both. Each filter user has his or her own sensitivity settings and time controls. It is not necessary for your family’s online time to be what Covenant Eyes calls a “one-size-fits-none experience.”

There are six different sensitivity settings in the Covenant Eyes Filter program that are based on their rating system. If you wish you can come up with your group of sites to allow or not allow for each computer user in the family.

Time controls

Sometimes children get online and never think about the possibility that there is homework or something else they should be doing. Covenant Eyes can help you manage your youngster’s online access. You can decide when your child can use the Internet and for how long they can be online.

Protocol Blocking

With Covenant Eyes, parents can control reporting of, and/or block access to certain file sharing types such as Internet Relay Chat (IRC), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Peer to Peer (P2P), and more.

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