Covenant Eyes has a number of resources available to further explain and supplement their accountability and filter products. The following downloadable ebooks are available here without charge.

Parenting the Internet Generation: 7 Potential Threats and 7 Habits for Internet Integrity – This ebook has been brought up to date for 2012. It was written to help parents learn about and understand the dangers that kids can encounter while interacting online. It will help you learn how to teach your children safe online behavior.

A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Kids on YouTube – Teaches parents the best way to set up a safe space on YouTube.

Your Brain on Porn – Five ways that some researchers say that pornography changes the brain. Includes some ways to refresh the mind.

Internet Pornography: A Ministry Leader’s Handbook – Includes the stories of ministers and counselors who have personally dealt with their own porn-related issues. Addresses questions such a person might have, such as where that person could go for assistance.

Any or all of the ebooks described above are available directly from Covenant Eyes. You can go straight to the download page here: Covenant Eyes free ebooks.

The following video explains how Covenant Eyes works:

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