stopSignThe Windows and Mac versions of the Covenant Eyes filter both have six sensitivity settings to choose from. If you are parents with children at home, you can help to control what your children view online by adjusting the settings in the filter. If you have children that cover a broad range of ages, from little tikes to high school seniors, you will find that there are settings available that are appropriate for children of all ages.

Many people have the idea that filtering is only for pornography addicts or prudish families. The technology, especially when combined with Covenant Eyes accountability software, can also be used in the case where a family member is dealing with personally harmful issues such as improper drug use, anorexia, violent behavior, etc. Often, people – both young and old – will gravitate to sites that in some way promote those behaviors.

Covenant Eyes Filter Sensitivity Settings:

R (Restricted) – Allows users to visit, and sites that the Filter Guardian allows. Do you have very young children? If yes, then this setting might be the best one for them.

E (Everyone) – There are sites that the filter determines are not appropriate for the entire family. Covenant Eyes suggests this setting for households with young children.

Y (Youth) – Parents make their own decisions when it comes to determining what is appropriate for their children to view. The “Y” setting stops the user from viewing any site with a filter rating that is higher than “Y”. Depending upon your own family rating system, you might believe your children under ten years old should not have access to these sites.

T (Teen) – Parents know the maturity level of their children better than anyone else. You might allow your children under 13 to view material that is appropriate for adults and teens. But if you believe your child under a certain age should be protected from such material, you can choose this setting. (Note: Covenant Eyes recommends adding the accountability feature for kids at this age. If you believe the accountability program is right for your family members, you might consider checking into it.)

MT (Mature Teen) – Just like the other settings, you can adjust the filter according to what you think is right for your teenager. You might want to have a conversation with your kids about what you fell is appropriate for them as they mature, then set it accordingly.

M (Mature) – A the M (Mature) level, allowed sites are appropriate for adult Covenant Eyes Filter users. The only sites that are blocked at this level are the ones that are rated HM (Mighly Mature).

Full instructions for adjusting the settings are available online.

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Covenant Eyes Filter Sensitivity Settings.