Internet Accountability –
What we do online affects our lives offline.

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability software product is not a filter: it doesn’t block websites like their filter product does. Instead, it monitors all the sites you visit and sends a report to a person that you choose. In effect, your friend (or parent) is sitting beside you each time you go online, encouraging you to make good choices. Covenant Eyes Accountability, and the relationship it brings, helps change hearts.

Parents: Consider using Internet Accountability for your children or college students to teach responsible Internet use.

Here’s how to use Covenant Eyes Accountability:

1. Sign up and download the software.
Then go online like normal.
Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability software monitors all Internet use and rates each website visited for age-appropriate content, with rating like T for Teen and M for Mature.

2. Covenant Eyes automatically send reports to an Accountability Partner you choose, such as a friend, parent or other trusted person. These reports show how you’ve used the Web. Parents: Consider using Internet Accountability for your children or college students to teach responsible Internet use.

3. Your Accountability Partners can then talk to you about the report or you can talk with your kids about theirs. It may be as simple as a quick e-mail or as personal as a conversation.

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability is also available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Soon to be available for Android devices.

What is an accountability partner, and how do I find one?

We’ve written a page addressing the issue of accountability partners, what makes a good partner, and how to find one. It will almost certainly be easier than you expect, once you learn what is expected, and read a few accountability partner suggestions designed to help you find one.

 What if I need help resisting things that tempt me?

We have provided lessons that will give you food for thought and bring the will-power you will need to change yourself for good! They will provides support in a battle that simply cannot be successfully fought alone. If your online life is out of control in some way, make use of them. They could just be the answer you’ve been begging for.

Internet Filtering
Protecting young minds to develop strong futures

You already know the basics, like keeping your family’s computer in an open area, but that’s not enough to protect your children’s eyes. Covenant Eyes can help you fine-tune your approach to protecting your kids online. Here’s how the Covenant Eyes Filter for Windows can help. NOTE: The Covenant Eyes Filter is now also available for Mac!

  • Don’t just block mature content, but also set different levels of blocking based on ages or need
  • Create your own list of blocked or allowed websites.
  • Decide when and how long every Filter user is online – great for kids.

Download Covenant Eyes to all your home’s computers at no additional charge. Choose Accountability or Filtering, or use bother services together.


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