MailWasher Pro is one application that I will not do without. It is one of the first programs that I install whenever I get a new computer. Over the years it has helped me get rid of thousands of spam email, surely including a truck-load of emails that were malicious in some way or another. You can read a bit more about MailWasher Pro in an earlier article I wrote about it.

Import current email accounts into MailWasher Pro

In this article I will show you how to set up new email accounts in MailWasher Pro. After the software is installed, if you open the Settings tab, then click on the Account button on the left side, you will see the options for setting up new accounts. At the very bottom of the next column is a button labeled “Import Accounts.” If you click on that button, MailWasher Pro will attempt to locate any email accounts that exist on your computer. You can then tell it which accounts from the list to import.

MailWasherPro-Import Addresses

If you have a lot of email accounts from different providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast, ATT, etc. you may need to occasionally set up an account manually. Don’t worry, though. It is actually very simple. The first step is to collect your server information from your email provider. In the following example, I will show you how to set up a POP3 account such as most Internet service providers offer you. You will need your POP3 server address for your incoming mail, your SMTP server address for outgoing mail, your username and password for the email account that you are setting up.

Let’s say you just signed on with a new Internet service provider and you want to set up the email account that they gave you. Here’s how I would do that.

1. From the Settings tab at the top left of MailWasher Pro, click the Settings tab.




2. Once in the Settings Tab, click the Accounts button (second button in the left column), then the Add Email Account button near the top of the second column.




3. After clicking the Add Email Account button, fill in the Account Description (use a name that will remind you which account this is). In the box just below that one, fill in the new email address that your email provider gave you.



4. Under the “Incoming” tab, fill in the POP3 (inbound) server address your provider gave you. If your provider requires authentication on your incoming server, you will need to check the arrow next to “Advanced,” then check “Use secure authentication.”



5. Under the “Outgoing” tab, fill in the SMTP (outgoing) server address that your provider gave you. If your provider requires SMTP authentication, you will need to check the arrow next to “Advanced,” then check “SMTP server requires secure authentication.”



NOTE: Most email providers use common email server ports such as 25 for outgoing and 100 for incoming. However, there are some that use non-standard server port numbers. If your provider tells you to change your port numbers, you can do under the “Advanced” section on both the Incoming and Outgoing tabs.

Once you have properly typed in the requested information, just click the “Save” button. MailWasher Pro will check to see that your settings are right. If you filled them in correctly, you are on your way. If you are told that the mail check failed, carefully back over the names and numbers that you filled in to see that everything was done correctly, then check your mail again.