I’ve been online in one way or another since 1999. During that time I’ve been through a world full of software applications. Some of them were well designed and worth the money. Others were not so grand. I’ve had expensive software that I used every day without issues and I’ve had freely available software that was not worth the time it took to download it. There are only a few pieces of software, however, that I consider to be indispensable. At the top of that list is an email previewing tool called Mailwasher Pro.

I’ve been a registered Mailwasher Pro customer with a lifetime license since 2010 and used earlier versions prior to that. Not long ago a friend and I were discussing some email spam problems that he was experiencing. I recommended Mailwasher Pro to him and told him that it was one of the very few software programs that I use which I consider to be absolutely essential. In fact, every Windows computer that I own has a copy of Mailwasher Pro on it if that computer is used to check email.

Mailwasher Pro is what I would consider the front line of defense against malicious or spammy email. It works by checking your email and showing it to you directly from the server. All email is displayed within Mailwasher Pro in text format so that unruly scripts, viruses, etc. cannot attack your computer while it is being sorted. I can safely read or scan my email and delete unrecognized or unwanted email before it ever has a chance of being downloaded into my email client.

The more you use the program, the better it gets at learning which email you are likely to want to keep, and which ones you would be prone to delete. I’ll go into more detail about how to train Mailwasher in another article. The end result is that you will see your email marked in red or green. The colors can be customized to suit your needs, but by default, red is for untrusted or unwanted email that you wish to get rid of. Green is for the keepers. When you have scanned your email and have seen that it is all properly marked, you click one button, and presto! Mailwasher Pro deletes the unwanted email from the server and saves the remainder for you to download whenever you are ready.

It does not matter which email client you use. It could be Windows Mail, Outlook Express (for those of you who still have it) Eudora, Thunderbird, or any other client. I have used it with PostBox (an excellent email client, by the way). I use it with Outlook 2013 now.

The only interaction Mailwasher Pro has with your email client comes after you click the Wash Mail button. Mailwasher “washes” your email then, if you have Mailwasher set to do so, opens the email client of your choice so that you can safely download the wanted email to your computer.

Mailwasher Pro would be worth much more to me than Firetrust, the company that produces and sells it, charges for the program. In fact, at less than $40.00 U.S., I can have Mailwasher Pro installed on three computers that I own.

I’ll be writing several more articles about Mailwasher Pro – how to set it up, how to customize it for your own use, and more. But for now, you can learn more about the program by going to the Firetrust website and checking it out for yourself. There is a free full-featured download available that will give you an eyes-wide-open view of it for thirty days.